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    10 FADE
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7583.JPG Little Flowers Mother-Daughter Tea
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7764.JPG Sr. Saima and Sr. Ruhitha take a turn in the bouncy house at the parish picnic.
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7253.JPG We welcome Fr. Thomas Herge to our parish as the newest parochial vicar in the consortium
    /slideshows/homeMedium/BRCW1089.JPG Members of the consortium doing mission work at the Miryante Orphanage in Uganda
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7433.JPG Torrential Rains did not stop our Knights from publicly reciting the Rosary for Addiction at the Ross County Fair
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7502.JPG The Young Adult Group held another Murder Mystery Dinner this time dressing for the 1920s
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_9415.JPG Rosary Procession 2018
    /slideshows/homeMedium/B2488925-DAD3-4E1B-8E39-A73B0C25016F.jpg At the Halloween parade
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_3402.JPG High Schoolers go to an OSU Hockey Game
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_2017%203.JPG Honoring those from our parish family who passed during the last 12 months on All Souls Day.
    /slideshows/homeMedium/VETERANS%20DINNER%20111118_0055.JPG Fr. Hahn speaks at the Veterans Appreciation Dinner on his experiences with the military and political situation while on his sabbatical in the Holy Lands.
    /slideshows/homeMedium/VETERANS%20DINNER%20111118_0057.JPG Parishioner Dan plays Amazing Grace at the Veterans Dinner in honor of our departed Veterans.